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A Diamond is Forever

When selecting a diamond, it is one of the most important choices one will make in a lifetime. When we buy our diamonds at Fleming Jewelers, we never stray from quality.

We have worked with the same diamond dealers who are based outside of Ramat Gan, Israel for a number of years.

The Gemological Institute of America created the grading process for diamonds over five decades ago and it is the only certification that we recognize at Fleming Jewelers.

When considering a diamond purchase we will walk you through all of the important points to consider: Color, clarity, carat and cut, but there is much more behind it. Once you leave, you will have a complete understanding of diamonds.

If the diamond you seek is not among our wide selection, Fleming Jewelers is happy to shop specfically for you regardless of your budget or specifications.

When your diamond has been selected we have a variety of mounts to choose from.

Fleming Jewelers partners with two designer companies, Lieberfarb Inc and Gabriel & Co. who use the finest goods and advertise in the top bridal magazines. We also work closely with our expert bench jeweler, Coco Manoukian, to make any custom pieces that you may be interested in. His years in the jewelry industry behind the bench definitely show in his finished products. Coco puts in so much passion and dedication into the details to produce gorgeous jewelry, but the prices are beyond reasonable for a custom piece.

The Diamond Buying Guide
If you'd like to brief yourself on how to go about buying a diamond, please consult GIA's guide buy clicking here.